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About Andre Goodman

I'm Texas native who attended UT Austin and has an extensive background in hospitality. Before making the switch to real estate, I spent 35+ years in the service industry, owning and operating a pizza restaurant for 5 of those years. Working in an industry known for catering to the needs of others taught me a multitude of invaluable people skills. I understands what drives different people, and I'm able to use tact, kind demeanor, and patience to get the best results for his clients. 
I have always been passionate about making sure my clients/customers are taken care of, and always kept this at the forefront of my career. After retiring from the service industry and traveling a bit, I knew I needed to find a similar avenue of work that I'd still love. Real estate met that need, and has become the perfect balance of maintaining this fervor for hospitality, and my desire to help others on a larger scale. 
I have built a reputation for providing trustworthy, well-informed advice to my clients, and absolutely immersing myself in their needs. Their goals are my goals, and I finds great joy in working with homebuyers to ensure they are comfortable throughout every step of the process. I understand the difficulties my clients may face, and I'm particularly skilled in negotiating the best deals possible on their behalves. 
When I'm not helping others sell or buy, you can be found at the beach, on the golf course, or spending time with my 4 beautiful grandchildren. They all have me wrapped around their little finger, and I know it's my role to spoil them!  

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